About Us

Meet The OutdoorU Creators

OutdoorU was started by four Montana born and raised cousins who have spent their lives pursuing and enjoying outdoor adventures. Our passion and enjoyment of the outdoors led to the creation of OutdoorU which will hopefully provide you with the same experience. Our mission is to connect the knowledge of outdoor enthusiasts with those aspiring to discover and pursue their adventures and passions!

Kevin is a northwest Montanan at heart.  He loves fly fishing the cold Montana streams chasing Westslope Cutththroat trout in the summer and bull elk in the fall.  He also spends his summers camping and RVing with his family and taking them on as many outdoor adventures as possible.

“There is nothing more enjoyable than spending my summer days on the river with my family.  I could be teaching them how to row the raft, cast a dry fly, or even skip a rock.  These are the outdoor moments that I cherish and have for many years.  My passion for fishing began early with numerous fishing trips with my brothers and cousins where we would find ourselves wading our way up the little streams catching as many little brook trout as possible.  I was also blessed with a dad who loved to take his sons hunting and those early hunting memories were the foundation for creating my love of wild places and the adventures they provide.  OutdoorU is something that not only appeals to me personally but also as a professional educator.  The idea of sharing outdoor passions and knowledge for others to enjoy is what will ensure our next generation will still be provided these opportunities.”     

Chad  was also raised in Montana and spent 10 years in Alaska snow machining, hunting moose, caribou, bear, and musk ox.   Chad recently moved back home (Montana) to raise his family.  He enjoys water-sports, hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, motor-sports, snowboarding, and any other outdoor activity that can fit into his schedule.

“Some of my fondest memories are of spending time in the outdoors with my family.  I remember marathon dirt bike rides on forest service roads with my entire family, camping trips where we all piled into a single cab Ford F150 (ALL FIVE OF US!), and fishing trips where the horde of cousins and I would ascend upon a trout stream hoping to catch the biggest cutthroat trout.  These are the things that brought me back to Montana so that they can be shared with my beautiful wife and daughters.”   

Jack was also born and raised in a small town in northwestern Montana. His love for the outdoors started early as he grew up in the mountains camping and fishing with family. From the time he was old enough to hold a fishing rod he was hooked and spending time on the water became one of his favorite pastimes. Of course, growing up in Montana allowed the opportunity to explore a vast array of outdoor activities. Jack has spent countless hours hiking, trail running and hunting…all of which allow for taking in the beautiful serenity of this place he calls home. When it comes to getting the adrenaline spiked…a throttle always has Jack intrigued. Tubing behind a boat, riding jet skis or exploring the snow packed mountains on snowmobiles and snowbikes are all great ways to adventure at a quicker pace. Really though…any chance to make memories outdoors is a great day.

“When I was seven or eight years old, I remember my first hiking trip into a remote mountain lake. The nice trail leading up to the lake turned into bushwack quickly. At my size, the alder and buck brush looked like it was at least thirty feet tall and I struggled through the terrain, whining most of the way. I remember my dad turning around at one point and giving me a love tap with his fly rod to get me to quit my whining. Chad remembers…he was there!!! I think Kev was too!!  But then, we finally made it to the lake. The fishing was awesome and I couldn’t wait to go back. I’ve been back several times since with lots of fish in tow, packing kids in and packing wife out (that’s a whole other story). For me, it’s just one of those places…one that holds great memories and keeps calling me back for more.”

Scott – Scott is a true outdoorsman at heart.  He loves the solitude and wildness of finding a remote high mountain basin to spend his time.  Scott’s main outdoor passions are: primitive archery hunting, backcountry hunting, wilderness packrafting, and long distance wilderness excursions.  His interest in wild places began when he was young.  Scott’s family was often found camping in Glacier National Park, hiking and experiencing the vastness and beauty of the park.  Scott also spent numerous hours hunting/fishing with his dad on the high plains of Montana.  It was on these hunting adventures that he discovered his love of solitude and tranquility of DIY/solo hunting.  

“One of my fondest memories is that of hunting a bull moose with my dad.  We had camped out for over a week in the high altitudes of northwest Montana.  We spent our days glassing open hillsides and lakes looking for a bull.  On the final day of the hunt, I was able to harvest a nice bull with my dad right beside me.  The celebration and appreciation for sharing that adventure and moment is something I’ll never forget and hope that others have the opportunity to experience.  Hopefully OutdoorU will assist in  providing aspiring outdoorsman with these kind of opportunities.”